Dentists & Bariatric Surgeons: Consider a Performance Marketer

I have a unique proposition: if you are a dentist or bariatric weight-loss surgeon (markets I know how to dominate) frustrated with the success of your practice, I am looking for, but will take no more than, three more clients under a performance contract (my capacity at the moment is five and I have two).  I have accepted two clients, and have twelve that I am considering.

I consider myself a jockey and your business a horse.  My profession is winning the race, which has as much to do with the horse I ride as it does my skills.  I am looking to work with very experienced and highly talented doctors who are at 40-60% utilization.  Both dentists and surgeons typically spend 7% of their gross income on marketing – for the right practice I will chisel my upside into the 7% revenue I bring in above your current income (and I will track it).

If you are a dentist or bariatric surgeon frustrated with the delta between your talent and your income, contact me.


Published by Craig

Entrepreneur, dog lover, part-time molecular biologist developing treatments for rare diseases.

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