Fighting Neosporosis

If you’re a dog owner, and your dog has Neosporosis….well all I can say is, “I feel your pain.”

The most emotional pain I’ve ever felt has been watching my beautiful German Shepherd puppy slowly succumb to Neosporosis.

I think there may be a simple therapy that works: read about how vitamin B12 deficiency may be behind it all, and the treatments that can stop the progression of this horrible infection.

I bring Oscar with me to work everyday at Bay Online Media, and I’m fortunate enough that I can be around him 24 hours to give him these mega doses and take care of him (he cannot walk).  I’m already seeing signs of improvement after only 72 hours now (his kidney disease home test came back as “normal” for the first time ever).

Published by Craig

Entrepreneur, dog lover, part-time molecular biologist developing treatments for rare diseases.

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