Fighting Neosporosis

If you’re a dog owner, and your dog has Neosporosis….well all I can say is, “I feel your pain.” The most emotional pain I’ve ever felt has been watching my beautiful German Shepherd puppy slowly succumb to Neosporosis. I think there may be a simple therapy that works: read about how vitamin B12 deficiency mayContinue reading “Fighting Neosporosis”

Dentists & Bariatric Surgeons: Consider a Performance Marketer

I have a unique proposition: if you are a dentist or bariatric weight-loss surgeon (markets I know how to dominate) frustrated with the success of your practice, I am looking for, but will take no more than, three more clients under a performance contract (my capacity at the moment is five and I have two).Continue reading “Dentists & Bariatric Surgeons: Consider a Performance Marketer”